Monday, May 4, 2015

The Blessings Shield

I apologize for having been so terribly remiss. While I shared several photos on my Facebook Community Page, I have yet to share this finished project here!
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Yeppers!  This one is my baby. The start of it all. And it hit me recently, that to date, I had yet to update any photos of the finished piece.  So, without further ado---

My Blessings Shield has been hanging in the kitchen for some time now; but-- I brought it back upstairs to the studio, last week or so, during my SpringClean 2015.  I wanted something to be hanging up here, and until I get something else, large enough, it will stay up here for the time being.

While the next two photos show the shield basically completed, it was merely to the point where I felt could share that I finally got it lashed to the wreath. And--- My apologies for not shooting any photos of the lashing on. I was simply in a Get-It-Done Mode, and totally focused on the task at hand.

I was supposed to be working on that Warp Speed entry back in August [Remember?  My Rag-Woven Tote Bag?], but--- as I kept walking past the finished weaving, at some point it starting yelling out, "Finish ME!" And, I could no longer ignore its pleas.


And while for all intents and purposes, my shield is complete, what decorates the wreath now, I know will change with time. I will add things accordingly, as they find their way.  But, once I had all the feathers wrapped and/or attached, and the beaded dangles created and secured [we should all know by now, how I likes me dangly things. (~: ], along with some of the Sunflowers from my garden added in, I knew it was finally at the point of completion.

One of my favorite features is the sculptural feathers, where I was able to work in a little bit more of my handspun art yarn.

And I knew from the start, that Sunflowers would be featured.  I'll be adding more later in the Summer and Fall.

After that--- anything else that gets added [even as seen below] , it will have its own special and particular meaning; as with any shield. 

This weaving has been my Blessing.  Hence its being so named. 

And it all began here.
Life is a Journey

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What's Up Next?

My Weaving Spool Rack.

I'm going to share a little project I pulled together last year, what involved power tools, sanding blocks, eye screws, wood finishing--- and barbecue skewers.  Yeah, that's right!  Skewers. (~: 

Plus, I've got My Little Rag Bag Tote queued up to add the lining.  NO. It doesn't really need one. But--- As many artisans have learned over the years [and many the hard way], when selling purses or handbags or even totes, etc., most customers prefer their bags with a lining.  So. I'm going to work up a quick and easy lining for this little tote.

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Bye for now, and Blessings~
And Happy Weaving!

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