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Weaving Upon Circular and Round Looms

Those of you familiar with this blog know that my Journey into Circle Weaving started on a Provo Knifty Knitter Loom.  A good 2 years ago, I purchased a 12" round wooden picture frame. Quite some time later, when I was able to squeeze it into my budget, I picked up a small box of brass finishing nails. This past Autumn--- while it took me a few weeks to accomplish, I hammered in a good many of those little nails, to craft myself a finer gauge Circle Weaving Loom.

While I have a little bit of hand spinning I wish to finish up first, this is likely the next loom upon which I will weave.  There's a Four Seasons theme that's been mulling in my brain. And, I've got a new idea for some bead work on this project, with which I am dying to play.

Suzy Brown's Old Drum Carder Gear
While weaving in the round, circle weaving, or circular weaving [however you wish to define it] is [as I stated a few years back in Leading the Way] nothing new [though many of us can say Suzy Brown (WoolWench Handspun Yarn), breathed new life to into the craft]---some of the looms upon which we can needle weave, definitely are. 

Weavers Young and Old, New and Seasoned, are finding many ways to enjoy this more specialized weaving passion, whether by Metal Craft Rings; CDs; Pizza Box Lids; Hula Hoops;  Wilton Cake Rounds; Embroidery Hoops; Wire Wreath Frames; Bicycle Wheels and Other Parts; or pretty much anything round.

The focus of this post, is to share and link you to the many commercial and/or independently designed looms that are available to us these days. While a few looms listed below are more specialized [for the weaving of tams/berets] others simply reflect charm, artistic flare and/or a simple preference of design. Enjoy!
Circle Loom, by Rodier Creations

Circular Loom, by Majacraft
Métier à tisser circulaire [Circular Loom, this is a French site], by LE GEANT DES BEAUX-ARTS 

Métier à tisser circulaire [Circular Loom, this is a French site], by le petit Maunel

Círculo Telar [Circle Weaving Loom, this is a Spanish site], by Hilokune - Estudio Logaro

Tissage Circulaire [Circular Weaving, this is a French site], by Atelier des Bruyeres

Circular Weaving Loom, by Seven Yaks

Circular Loom in Wood, by Gluckskafer and Natural Mom Gear

Circle Weaving Looms, by Twill Textile Designs

Grimm's Circular Weaving Frame, by Bella Luna Toys

KK Replacement Looms, by CinDWood Crafts
Knitting Looms, by Cottage Looms

Kumihimo Disc, by Katerina Collection

Large Circular Weaving Frame, by The Wooden Wagon

Round Knitting Looms, by Boye, Provo, Knifty Knitter, Knit Quick, Martha Stewart, etc.

Round Looms [South Africa], by Vaalcraft
Round Knitting Looms, by The Loom Room

Round Weaving Looms, by The Unusual Pear

Weave-a-Round, by Wild Hare Fiber Studio

Weaving Loom, by Quirky Bits-n-Pieces

Wee Looms, by Janda Multimedia

Métier à tisser de roué [Wheel Loom, this is a French site], by Felaine
Special Note: I could not find a merchandising page or link,
and have a query in regarding any potential purchasing info for this loom.

Wooden Loom, by Anastasia Bagena Arxontaki [this is a Greek page], and GAwoodenloom 
SPECIAL NOTE: If you are an Independent Craftsperson, a designer of a new loom for Circle Weaving--- someone whose work I have yet to see, you are invited to provide a link to your product in the Comments.
Book-related Circle Weaving Resources
Weaving Off-Loom [Chapters 5 & 6], by Dona Z. Meilach (Author), Lee Erlin Snow (Author)
The Technique of Teneriffe Lace by Alexandra Stillwell (PDF Download)

Teneriffe Lace : designs and instructions Cornell University Library (Books Online)

Online Resources
HeartSong Studio Tutorials and Projects for weaving on Knitting Looms by Laura Abbott [BlogTalkRadio]
Majacraft Resources Check the links for Tutorials for free Downloads, and Videos for helpful Warping and Weaving information by Suzy Brown.

And, as always, you are more than welcome to join the well-over 1800 members of the Facebook Circle Weaving Group.  You will find a multitude of styles, experience, how-to's, and inspiration.  This group resulted from the very popular, and flagship course of the, FiberyGoodness Spinning Courses, and was launched by Suzy Brown [WoolWench Handspun Yarn]Andrew Poad [Majacraft], and Arlene Thayer [Spin Artiste].
Plus, you are more than welcome to visit me on Pinterest and see the many different styles and examples of Circular Weaving; from all around the world.
What's Next?

I'm drafting out a All-in-One HeartSong Studio Resource List. And, I am working on completing a few posts that have been sitting way too long in the Draft Folder. Until then,
Leave any questions you may have in the Comments.
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Bye for now, and Blessings~
And Happy Weaving!

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