Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Weaving Challenge

Sculpture by Spence Byles
Periodically, different members of the Circle Weaving group[on Facebook], share images they find that--in one way or another--inspire us all. Whether any of those images end up breathing life into something we each of us create--- Who can say.

Recently, I shared this photo from a Circles in Nature search result [Article by Laura Caseley], and for the same reason--- hoping to Inspire.

As I studied the sculpture--drawn to the beauty and esthetics, due to my love of Nature--lyrics of a very old song [The Windmills of Your Mind, by Dusty Springfield], echoed through my mind:
"... like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel---Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel."
Just a little while later I thought that maybe--- maybe this might make for an excellent Group Challenge. Yes? No? Yes?

Who is Up for a Challenge?
Your Who? What? Where? When? Rules

Open to all Weavers. Young and Old. Seasoned or New. 
Please feel free to Share it Forward!


Each finished Circle Weaving must contain 3 circles. Each somehow set inside the other, similar to the inspirational photo above [think also-- Droste Effect (though--- no Spiral is required!)], so that there are three separate weaving surfaces.

What materials you choose to use for your three rings are entirely up to you. They do not necessarily need to reflect Nature.  It's however the above photograph/sculpture inspired You.


When your Circles-within-a-Circle Weaving is complete, share your best photo [and include the hashtag #SpringWeavingChallenge2016 in your post] on the Spring Weaving Challenge Event page in the Circle Weaving Group.

Special Note: If you do not already belong,
please click to Join us in the Circle Weaving group.
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Comment on this blog post [before heading over the Event Page] that you are Accepting the Challenge, and then you have until the end of May to create and post your entries, accordingly.


Well, let's see---- Aside from Bragging Rights!? (~: I am not sure just yet. We've got some time to figure out all of that; But--- I do have ONE idea for a Drawing.  

I will collect all the photos for a HeartSong Studio #SpringWeavingChallengeFollowUp Gallery blog post. So, one Watermarked [for your protection] photo will be required. Details to follow.

Until then--- ? 
Here is a little Mood Music to whet you appetite.

Let the Inspiration and the Circle Weaving BEGIN!
Leave any questions you may have in the Comments.
Or Facebook Friends can Private Message me.

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Bye for now, and Blessings~
And Happy Weaving!

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  1. I accept the challenge and hope I have it done by the deadline. Mary Jeanne Goss