Monday, June 1, 2015

Vintage Textile Mill Knitting Spool

And Now, for Something Completely Different....

Back in February, I decided to pull out the drill and create a jumbo-sized Knitting Spool. And, Wow! I am so glad I did. I had been window shopping etsy and ebay for traditional Knitting Spools, [Some of you may know them as Knitting Nancys] and Favorited a few different styles, but--- being on such a limited income [being on Disability], too many other things simply take financial priority at any given time. So, at one point I started to toy with the idea of using one of my Vintage Textile Mill Spools.  After all, it really is just a really big wooden spool. Right? (~:

I spent a few days sanding it down, and then rubbing a coat of wax into the wood.  I had some rather substantial nails from a Decorative Wall Hardware kit. So, after I drilled a few holes, and hammered said nails--- Voilà! 

I had me a sweet over-sized Vintage [for all intents and purposes] old style French-esque Knitting Spool.

And yes. It does evoke good childhood memories of my Grandmother teaching me how to use the old wooden thread spool, with the nails my Grandfather hammered for us.

This one though--- It is a perfect fit in my hand.  And surprisingly? Not heavy at all. There was never an issue of it feeling heavy. And, I think--- ergonomically-speaking, this may be a good alternative for anyone with dexterity issues, etc.

I've made other comments on both my personal and studio page that, 'after having worked with this bobbin knitting spool for a while now, it actually felt good to have something so substantial in my hand.'

This iCord has been one of what I call my Recovery Mode Lap Projects [RMLP, for short] since earlier this year. It makes for a good  project when I'm relegated to the couch to elevate my legs, or simply to let my back recuperate from too much, or the wrong activity. I just castoff a couple weeks ago.

Many of us know how our hands can cramp up while holding onto any given small craft-related implement; for any length of time. I have carpal tunnel in both hands and OA in certain fingers. I do believe, ergonomically-speaking, this can make for an excellent alternative to the more common every day Knitting Spools, for anyone with physical limitations and/or issues with dexterity. The upper edge of the spool actually rested more on top of my fingers, than within my grip.

Aside from surfing the Web or YouTube for Knitting Spool Tutorials, Instructions, and/or Patterns and Projects, the single tip I can offer is to have a sizeable bead on hand, or anything with a bit of heft that you can tie on to, to help the Cast On thread fall through the hole of the lengthy bobbin shaft.

This old idea has actually had a bit of a resurgence due to the advent of Paracord Crafts. What I'd like to see, especially with this over-sized spool, is knitting with handspun yarns. I could definitely see some iCord knitted from certain [less bulky] Art Yarns.

And, talk about self storage! Initially, I had quite the little bundle going. I kept the iCord rolled up, tied, and dangling from the bottom of the bobbin. That is until I decided to start wrapping it around the shaft of the bobbin.


I still don't know the yardage yet [haven't take the time yet to measure it out] , but I do have [hopefully] a very interesting project in mind, and hope to give it a test run soon.

Now, Remember that other bobbin sitting on my work table? I have one more idea in mind; for the last Vintage Spool [of this size] that I happily have in my possession. I just need to finish sanding and rubbing on a bit of wax.  I also cleaned the flashing of my knitting spool with cotton ball dipped in CLR, but it didn't really seem to make a difference, so--- I believe I'll skip that step for this next bobbin.

I'll share this particular idea when all is complete.
What's Next?

An overview of my Looping Hook for weaving
Pibiones Weaving in the Round. I believe this to be a good method to cover, prior to posting the Pictorial Tutorial of my Garden Pouch. Though, not necessarily--- as the whole point of the Garden Pouch is Freeform Weaving.  And that can be anything woven in whatever fashion a Weaver desires.

PLUS--- As I indicated above, I do have an idea for the iCord I just recently took off the Spool.  I have since measured it to be approximately 10 yards, and I've also something Circular in mind! (~:
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Bye for now, and Blessings~
And Happy Weaving!

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