Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Services Rendered Wish List

I have not always been the most conventional in the way I do things. This idea is no exception. When I started this blog, a few years back, it was my way of Giving Back. Moreover, it has been my pleasure doing so. I've always been somewhat of a teacher at heart, and I created the tutorials found here to help anyone interested in learning--better understand the craft. But most importantly, my Hope was to Inspire.
All lovingly created and graciously shared, I worked hard creating comprehensive visual and written instructions. But--- being Disabled means it takes me considerably longer then it ever used to [prior to ending up on Disability], to photograph, compile, and edit these posts. In addition, being on SSD, and a very limited income, means--- I would sincerely appreciate any donations that would assist with the services I have, and plan to continue rendering.

I did look into providing a PayPal Donations link; but--- [and here is where that 'unconventional' personality trait kicks in]--- In lieu of setting up a PayPal Donations account, I thought I would try a different approach, and provide a link to certain of things I have had on my Amazon.com Wish List for quite some time.

Things like Books I would love to add to my humble Fiber Library; Arts and Craft Supplies for my Art Journaling, Coloring, Spinning and/or Weaving; or maybe some Household Items for better Home Storage and/or Self-Sufficiency.  Things like that.
If you have liked what you found here--- If you have enjoyed my efforts--- I am introducing my Amazon Services Rendered WishList link, as a means of a charitable compensation. 
You can find the logo readily available in the Side Bar, as well as at the close of my instructional tutorials.  That's it for now. I promise I have more projects and tutorials both on the way and in the works.

Until then, 
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Bye for now, and Blessings~
And Happy Weaving!

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