Monday, June 29, 2015

A Little of This-N-That and FIBERYGOODNESS!

Just a quick blog post today, to share a little bit of This--- a-a-and, a bit of little That.
First off I really want to say Thank you, again, to Everyone who visits my studio blog here. Thank You for all your Pins to Pinterest, and to those who took the time to recommend my blog to Google.
If you have found any of my posts helpful, take one extra moment to click G+ to Recommend this on Google, so that others can more easily find their way here as well. And, if you haven't already done so, you are more than welcome to add HeartSong Studio to your Google+ circles and/or make sure you Join This Site for update notifications.
Next? I'm working to make this space as user- and social media-friendly as possible, and have been working on the contents of the Side Bar. If you scroll through, anyone new here might find the most Popular Posts -- of the Last 30 Days, helpful.  
A few months ago, I added Fiber Favorites [my favorite artisan and fiber artist shops (have more to add, so---  I do not consider this list complete; just yet.)]My Blog List, and just recently--- the new global Visitor feature. I love seeing who all stops by from around the world.
New [as of today], is the Follow Me to Pinterest widget.  I've numerous boards on subjects such as Weaving, Circular Weaving, Spinning, Fiber Preparation, Knitting, Crochet, Rug Making, Darning, Homesteading, Gardening, Food Stuffs, etc. The Artisan and Craft-related boards are filled not only with examples of the end results-- I've worked hard to build libraries to include techniques, tools, tutorials, and videos. I hope you will join me there.  
Over this past weekend I created the Spool Knitting board.  This one will come in handy for an upcoming post I'm currently working on. It's a follow up to, or sister post, if you will, to the Vintage Bobbin Knitting Spool, updated back in June. ----[NOTE: I will be making corrections to this post soon. This is a Textile Mill Spool, and for some unknown reason, I had "Bobbin" stuck in my brain matter the whole time I drafted out this post. So--- Corrections Pending.]  
Though I am not on there with any degree of regularly, you can find me on Twitter as well.  I always include a Tweet when I post a new update. So, stop by for a Follow.
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But most important--- If you have not already done so [I've Welcomed so many new Likes to my Community Page this year], join me over on my studio page on Facebook, where I post most often.  I share Status Updates, and photos of WIPs, etc., long before I get a particular project written up and shared here. And, you can find out ju-u-ust a little bit more about my Fossil Weaving over there.  I also just introduced a new feature recently, HeartSong Studio Tips.'s status update included a Declaration of Intent!

While I am currently in Sewing Mode [what with mending and up-cycling desperately needing my attention], I'm spending this week getting ready to participate in this year's Tour de Fleece

I am rider No. 42, on Team Nevermore Forevermore! And, while I am by no means a production spinner, I have a few ideas I want to work on, and will be posting my efforts on Facebook throughout the tour---beginning July 4th, and running until July 26th.

SPECIAL NOTE: Cheering from the sidelines is encouraged.  And, would be most welcomed. (~:
Now, for the really FUN News!

Yesterday Suzy Brown [of WoolWench Handspun Yarns] teased us [Journey to the Golden Fleece members] with the following graphic.  We knew not exactly what it is; but, there were likely a few felines what were about to keel over from kill-worthy curiosity!

Natalie Redding [Namaste Farms] joined the last round; presenting what I understand to have been remarkable live video Hand Dyeing classes.  Her sessions filled up quickly, as Natalie has that kind of reputation. She is VERY GOOD at what she does!

Then, this morning came the official New FiberyGoodness Course announcement, of Suzy Brown's and Arlene Thayer's [Spin Artiste]: Sketch Spin Scribe.  It is described as "a seven part creative journey for fiber artists."  This is about Yarn Design.

One sweet little phenomenon that came out of the previous rounds of Journey to the Golden Fleece, was Circle Weaving. This course offers a beautiful crafted opportunity to become a Fiber Archivist, and create and bind your own Heirloom Book. [I knew it was going to be something I couldn't afford, but would likely really want! (~: ]

And as before, there will be modules and a fair amount of time to complete each yarn. There will be step by step instructions, and as always--- a wealth of support.

SO!!!! If you've any interest, whatsoever, in learning more about the artistic side of Hand Spinning and Yarn Design, NOW IS THE TIME TO ENROLL!

For now---- Everyone is welcome to join the Journey to the Golden Fleece's 
FIBERY GOODNESS Facebook group.  It's still a Public Group, filled with Fiberholics from around the world. Just stop by and say, "Hello!"

SPECIAL NOTE: Today is would be a very good day to join the group; as there is a "Hunt" afoot.  One that could financially--- be very beneficial!

OH, and--- There's a FibeyGoodness Tour de Fleece group this year.  I'm spinning for them as well!  I've got my goals set. Now, I just need to gear up.
What's Next?

I was in Re-Org Mode for most of last week.  I needed to clear off my Sewing Tables so that I could refocus some time for sewing.  What's sitting on my Type Setter's desk at the moment, pretty much all has to do with what I'm working on; weaving-wise. I've got two warpings that I need to set up and photograph for upcoming blog posts.

Plus, I need to finish up Part One of my Spring Weaving; still on my small, and custom-painted [by Suzy Brown] Majacraft Loom.
And, what on Earth could that vinyl tubing have to do with anything Weaving? Well--- You are NOT going to FIND OUT today! (~:

There is also a little diversion that I'm looking forward to sharing with everyone.  I'm waiting for something very special to show up in my mailbox. It's coming from Florida.  Once it arrives, I can finish setting up the photos I need to show a special Hand Ginning technique.

Until then---
Leave any questions you may have in the Comments.
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Bye for now, and Blessings~
And Happy Weaving!

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