Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Solstice In-the-Round

Special Note: Loom by Majacraft

You are invited to stop by my HeartSong Studio Facebook Community Page to see what is going on---- While I am not joining any specific team this year, I am using the upcoming annual Tour de Fleece to help me organize fibers, and finish certain un-finished spinning. I have also been doing a fair amount of [for me anyway] Hand Carding; plus Fiber Tools Maintenance; and prepping to custom blend new Rolags and Rovings. 

But, all that got side-tracked, this past weekend when out of the blue I got the urge to Weave in Circles. The project pictured above was SO not on my radar--- neither any forgotten WIPs--- nor Project Development Planning sessions, etc. (~:
EDITED IN: July 3, 2017
Not so sure it wouldn't have been better to simply create a blog post for this project.  It may get too confusing updating the photo album.  That said--- here is the link to Summer Solstice -- A Circle Weaving.

So--- as I stated above, you are more than welcome to visit me on Facebook to see how it [and other projects] is progressing. I am trying to get back into updating more regular blog posts; but--- in the meantime,

Happy Weaving and/or Spinning and Blessings~
Leave any questions you may have in the Comments.
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Bye for now, and Blessings~
And Happy Weaving!

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