Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Topics & Fibery Goodness Update

I've been pulling a few blog-related features together here, and updated the side bar to include [along with the Language Translator], the Subscribe To: widget, and Popular Posts. I'm also in the process of building a Blog Roll; all in an effort to make this blog more socially friendly.  Let me know if there is anything in particular, you would like to see.

Unfortunately, the next update-- the pending Denser Warping series Warping Option No. 1, is temporarily on hold. I've been jumping around from project to project, here of late---- getting somewhat sidetracked from completing the last Draft folder post.  This will remedied soon.  I Promise.  

That said, I trust you will appreciate how I DID get sidetracked. (~: And will look forward to the information that I can eventually share on the following topics.

One of the projects that has me waylaid, is the [eventual] GiveAway Project; for getting more Likes to my HeartSong Studio Facebook page. Weaving began last week. But, I will need to re-determine though the Number of Likes it will take. Which is good thing, actually; because the Likes on my page, are continuing to grow. Thank you all so much! I just can't move as fast, or multi-task like I used to; but--- more about the GiveAway soon, as well.

While I was working on the new companion tutorial, Centered or Offset [which relates back to the pending update], I had a major brainstorm. It's one of those ideas that makes you drop everything else you're doing, so you can focus, solely, on getting it down.  And I am in love with this new project. 

The thing is, I had this particular loom slated for yet another project, and it's been hanging along with several items all tied together--- queued up to make it happen.  So--- I re-e-eally need to get this project finished, so that I can get back to a project I'm pretty sure everyone will enjoy. 

What makes this project rather convenient though, is it may end up working quite well for putting together a subsequent tutorial, that I've already alluded to, to showcase the technique pictured to the left. You can see another example of this, above, as I played with it in the GiveAway Project. 

So, a happy twist of Fate?  Maybe. I like to think so. [That's my story, regardless, and I'm sticking to it. (~; ]

OH!  And what a fun day, when I found THIS in my mailbox!!!! Here is my Majacraft Circle Loom. All the way from New Zealand, and all decorated with Suzy Browns lovely artistry.  I adore Suzy's artwork.   I've not warped it up yet.  Too many other irons in the fire just now.  But, I will find the right project for this loom. Of that I have no Doubt.

I also needed to turn my attention back to my Fibery Goodness module course work.  As I've stated recently on my Facebook studio page, while the spinning of my Module 2 yarn has begun, and I'm currently pulling together different fibers, tools, and add-ins--- the course is not just about spinning.  It's about digging deep, and entertaining certain questions and realities; Past, Present, and Future.

Yesterday's "What if?" work ended up with me in a mood. Because it's one thing to cross out words on a piece of paper. And quite another to cross them out of your heart, and from your mind. Sometimes--- once you delve deep, it has no recourse but to play itself out.
And, as I commented earlier today, in the Group Two -- Module Two Thread in Fibery Goodness Golden Fleece Forum, the on-going conversation reminded of one of my favorite go-to quotes:
There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in. ~Graham Greene
Fortunate are the ones who were able to walk right through, and on to the life they had envisioned and dreamed. But, I firmly believe that said door is all-too-often forcibly shut. 

This goes hand-in-hand with my own hard-learned life lesson of never underestimating one determined person's power of persuasion over another. NEVER. It can make finding that door again, quite difficult.  And, it can take a very long time  [if ever for some], to re-open it to one's possibilities.

But!  Everyone's Journey is different.  We all come with different Life Experiences. But, there are also the Likenesses to be discovered or realized; shared; nurtured; and/or built upon. 

See? Told you the course can get Deep! (~: 

Or not. It becomes what you need or want it to be.

All that said aside--- time is drawing near for new enrollment in the Fibery Goodness Journey to the Golden Fleece!

I have it on good authority, that Enrollment for Group Three will be OPEN very soon! 

You can keep up to date, here, by joining the mailing list for the Newletter.
You are also more than welcome to join current course members in the Facebook Journey to the Gold Fleece group. It's a open group. And it's not just solely about Spinning. But--- It is all about Fiber.  Stop by and say, "Hello!"
In the meantime,

Leave any questions you may have in the Comments. 
Or Facebook Friends can Private Message me.
Bye for now, and Blessings~
And Happy Weaving!

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